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IV Therapy Colorado Springs

IV therapy is a proven approach to enhance health and wellness through a unique and balanced infusion of vitamins and minerals.  IV therapy offers a variety of benefits, including BOOSTED energy levels, immune system SUPPORT, IMMEDIATE hydration, weight loss ASSISTANCE, and countless other aids. IV therapy is a CONVENIENT and QUICK-ACTING source for individuals wanting to increase their level of wellness, relieve stress from the body, enhance athletic performance, relieve migraines, or even alleviate hangovers. Enjoy our state of the art blends of vitamins and minerals as you recline in a ZERO-GRAVITY, full-body massage chair and breathe in PURE flavored OXYGEN. Welllife Medical Center NOW offers the maximum relaxation and rejuvenation opportunity for anyone looking to BOOST feel their best.

iv therapy

Hangover Relief

The Hangover Relief IV Therapy is a state of the art combination of essential vitamins and minerals needed to replenish electrolytes. This blend also incorporates the medications of Zofran and Toradol. Zofran precisely works to supress nausea and prevent vomiting, while Toradol is a safe and strong anti-inflammatory/pain reliever to knockout massive headaches. In addition, a potent double-dose of B-Complex and B-12 will enhance your energy levels and prepare you to actively take on the day.

Cold and Flu

We offer specifically tailored IV Therapy to alleviate cold and flu symptoms, boost your immune system, and enhance your ability to fight off future attacks. Our Cold and Flu IV Therapy contains a plentiful amount of vitamins and minerals, such as Magnesium Chloride and Vitamin C. These vitamins work together to increase the workload of your immune system to recover from both minor and major illnesses. Cold and Flu Drip Therapy incorporates B-6 and B-12 vitamins into our synthesizing blend to increase client’s energy levels during treatment. Lastly, we combine Glutathione and Zinc into our cold and flu bag to further enhance your immune system and prevent infectious cells from multiplying.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss IV Therapy offers a distinct combination of essential vitamins and minerals to enhance body-fat depletion, and promote stronger, more-equipped muscles for physical activity. Weight Loss IV Therapy incorporates Lipolean, L-Carnitine, and Taurine to help your body process and release fat and boost your metabolism. This specific option of therapy integrates branched-chain amino acids to support growth and repair of muscle tissue, which will burn additional calories and increase lean muscle mass. Not only does weight loss IV therapy support fat-loss, but B-12 and B-Complex will dramatically increase energy levels. Higher energy levels will allow for increased activity, which will assist in burning calories. This concoction of vitamins and minerals, along with instantly increased energy levels will have a beneficial effect on individuals searching for quick-acting weight loss results.

Altitude Sickness Relief

Altitude Sickness IV Therapy assists clients through immediate hydration, relief from nausea, and a pain-suppressing kick. The Altitude Sickness Drip Therapy bag contains a generous dose of B-12 and B-Complex, along with a portion of Toradol to quickly remedy your symptoms. Our formulation of vitamins and minerals are combined to generate immediate results for clients suffering from altitude sickness. Welllife Studio Altitude Sickness IV Hydration will leave you hydrated, energized, and pain-free.

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Mood Enhancement

Mood Enhancement IV Therapy incorporates a distinct combination of vitamins and minerals, including B-Complex, B-12, Magnesium Chloride, Taurine, Acetylcysteine(NAC), Glutathione, and Vitamin D.  The purpose of Mood Enhancement Therapy is to alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, and mood disorders. Our Mood Enhancement IV Therapy helps to restore your mind and body and is clinically proven to rebalance chemicals to improve mood and decrease anxiety. B-Complex is proven to boost energy and to enhance the immune and nervous system, while Taurine works to protect neurological function. NAC assists in regulating glutamate, which is an essentail brain neurotransmitter. The combination of NAC and Glutathione helps provide noraml brain action and studies show that the proper infusion of these two ingredients can positively benefit mental health conditions. Welllife Medical Centers Mood Enhancement Therapy will leave your body feeling energized and your mind revitalized.

The Myer’s Cocktail

The Myer’s Cocktail is a tried and true combination of ingredients designed for disease and anti-aging prevention. The specially designed combination of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are crucial for enhancing hair, skin, nail, memory, cell rejueventation, collagen and bone strength. This infusion is also widely known to be benefical for treating and/or combatting asthsma, migraines, high blood pressure, cancer, and many more illnesses, including Lyme’s and Parkinsons’s disease. The purpose of The Myer’s Cocktail is to place clients ahead of the curve, so they are able to respond well to current and future health issues. The Myer’s Cocktail benefits the entire body and truly gives clients a leg-up in protecting their body and boosting their vitality.


Anti-Aging IV Therapy combines a potenet blend of ingredients to revitalize skin, restore natural glow, and even heal skin blemishes. Our Anti-Aging IV Therapy is composed of a double-dose of anti-aging and antioxidant promoting vitamins and minerals. B-Complex and B-12, Magnesium Chloride, Tumeric, Vitamin C, and Glutathione. This formulation of ingredients is designed to benefit your skin, while restoring the bodies natural antioxidants and minerals. Welllife Medical Centers Anti-Aging IV Therapy works long after treatment, as it provides lasting protection from wrinkles, skin-toxins, dryness, and UV Rays. With our clinically proven anti-aging treatment you will be able to enjoy increased benefits that anti-aging creams couldn’t provide.

Athletic Performance and Recovery

We provide top-notch athletic performance and recovery results with our comprehensive  This form of therapy incorporates BCAA’s, B-Complex, Taurine, B-12, B-3, and B-5. Taurine works to promote neurological function, enhance normal heart function, provide nerve regeneration, and increase metabolic efficiency.Each of these ingredients were picked to completely enhance our clients athletic performance and recovery needs. Our top-tier BCAA’s restore muscle, limit fatigue, and burn fat. Combined with proper B Vitamins and a dose of Taurine, our clients will feel the instant benefits of Athletic Performance Recovery Therapy.

Taurine- metabolism, heart, muscles, neurological function, exercise performance, nerve growth, lower BP


Fatigue Relief

Our Fatigue Relief Drip Therapy blend is composed of B-Complex, B-12, and Vitamin D. This specific form of therapy counteracts any feelings of fatigue and provides an immediate burst of energy to our clients. Vitamin D serves an important role in improving the severity of certain individual fatigue symptoms and eliminating fatigue instantly during treatment. Fatigue Relief IV Therapy brings much higher levels of key nutrients right to the cells, immediately alleviating fatigue symptoms and impacting the body’s energy stores. This form of therapy quickly and efficiently stimulates your metabolism, while revitalizing your body and mind. Fatigue Relief IV Therapy will give you the boost you need to accelerate the rest of your day!

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